There's more written verbiage out there than ever before. As an editor and communications specialist, I help people craft content that won't get lost in the shuffle.


I sometimes find it helpful to think of written language as clothing for ideas and information. If you want to share ideas and information, you have to dress them in something so they can leave the house and walk around in public. I help people find language that fits well, feels comfortable, and doesn't get in the way. Sometimes I just do a little tailoring, and sometimes I work up an outfit from scratch.


I've styled language for textbook publishers, academics, regional magazines, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.


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As a visual/verbal hybrid, I'm especially keen to combine text and graphics as a designer for hire.

I design for print and web, with an emphasis on print material. I got my chops doing page layout in Adobe InDesign, so I'm delighted to craft your brochure, event program, or annual report. Small projects are also adored—bring me your business cards, print ads, and invitations! If you've got a new or evolving project/business, I can help you forge a clean and consistent graphic identity.


Of course, most print assets are easily adapted for use on the web, and I can help you with "translations" in either direction.


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I'm a full-service creative freelancer. If it’s verbal or visual communication, I can do it!

I got my versatility the hard way: I have 13 years of editorial experience, 6 years of nonprofit communications experience, and an MFA in studio art. I've worked as a proofreader, copy editor, university gallery director, adjunct professor of art, and developer/director of a rural community-media project. I grew up in Austin, Texas and have lived approximately everywhere. I moved to southwest Colorado in 2018.