Hillary McMahan, multipurpose creative human


 Content? Graphics? Page layout? A logo?  If it’s verbal or visual communication, I can do it! I'm a full-service creative freelancer, and I'm not winging this. I got my all-inclusive skill set the hard way.

If you want to go back to the beginning, I was a weird only child who loved to read and write and draw. As an adult, I am the same: good with words, good with art, terrible at team sports. I meant to become single-minded; it just never happened. I've been obliged to reinvent my professional identity several times, mostly in response to unexpected circumstances, and I've tended to alternate between visual and verbal realms. My resume looks really weird, but I'm extremely versatile.

My hybrid vigor includes 12+ years of editorial experience, 5 years of nonprofit experience, and an MFA in studio art. I've worked as a proofreader, copy editor, university gallery director, adjunct professor of art, and developer/director of a rural community-media project. That's an abridged list. The point is: I can help you promote your project, business, or nonprofit organization with creative assets that all work together.


Almost anyone can be a publisher these days, so we're all wading through a deluge of printed and digitized verbiage. While there are amazing benefits in all this increased access, good ideas and essential information can get lost in the maelstrom.

Having done a lot of professional word-wrangling, I often find it helpful to think of written language as clothing for ideas and information. If you want to share ideas and information, you have to dress them in something so they can leave the house and walk around in public.

As an editor and communications specialist,  I help people find language that fits well, feels comfortable, and doesn't get in the way. Sometimes I just do a little tailoring, and sometimes I work up an outfit from scratch.


I've styled language for academic researchers, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and professionals who do not speak English as a native language.


 My favorite projects engage all my skills and instincts, so I love combining text and graphics as a designer for hire.

I'm especially keen to work on print materials and publications. Bring me your business cards, posters, invitations, brochures, and signage! Adobe InDesign was my first digital design environment, and page layout is perfect for my dual capabilities.

As of 2019, I offer a small but growing menu of web-based services. I can spiff up a WordPress site, for example, or set up a simple, well-ordered site with a drag-and-drop editor. I can also take that Mailchimp monkey off your back, whether in a pinch or on a regular basis.

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