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I've honed my writing, editing, and proofreading chops over two and a half decades: in a variety of full-time, part-time, and freelance word-wrangling  jobs dating back to the early 1990s.

I didn't pursue a traditional "writerly" career, fearing that this choice would cut off my access to other creative pursuits. Now that I'm a multipurpose creative, my editorial skills are simply the oldest and most frequently-used instruments in my toolbox. They've been applied to academic writing, grant proposals, catalog blurbs, nonprofit marketing/communications material, regional magazines, website content, and more. 

Basically, I'm a verbal day-jobber, but I'm a pretty impassioned one. I invest in the substance of my clients' content, and I'm gratified to fit that content  with the most engaging and effective language possible. You should also know that I'm a fervent believer in the Oxford comma.

Some of the people and organizations I've worked for in an editorial or communications capacity are listed below.


Louisiana Division of the Arts

Texas Senate

Texas Legislative Council

Paul Guzzardo, attorney


Austin Community College

G&S Typesetters

Dr. Gordon Chang, Western Illinois University

Dr. Peter Cole, Western Illinois University

Dr. Jeffery Darensbourg, Tulane University

Dr. Elizabeth Schechter, Washington University



Anaxos, Inc

Publishers Resource Group


Thomson Gale


Austin Public Library Foundation

Cine Las Americas

Cortez Chamber of Commerce


Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce

Mobile FIlm School

West Central Illinois Arts Center



The Macopolitan

The Oxfordian

West Austin News

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This fee structure applies to editorial services only.

As a multipurpose freelancer, I'm delighted to combine editorial and design services. "Combo platter" jobs are priced on a per-project basis, with timeline and fees established after consultation with the client.  

If you're confused about differences between one level of editing and another, you're not alone! Many people are, even within publishing and editing communities. There are several good explanations online; I like the simple one here.

sample edits

If you want to try before you buy, I'll edit a short excerpt of your document at no charge. Please send excerpts via email, use or the contact form here. 

Please limit excerpts to 500 words.

writing samples

A selection of writing samples chosen to demonstrate versatility.

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